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General Questions

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Does the Accumate software require internet connection ?

Yes, indeed. Since, Accumate is a cloud-based software, without the internet, it cannot run in any case. Using mobile internet connection will also be a great assistance to run Accumate smoothly.

Is there any android app ?

Yes. At Accumate, we have enabled an android app which will ease the data recording and facilitate invoice sharing through other apps.

Financial Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics

Is Accumate a GST Compliant software ?

Accumate facilitates reports such as GSRT-1 and GSTR-3B, which can be generated seamlessly with absolute accuracy within minutes.

Can we generate E-way bill ?

Users can easily create Eway bill and upload it through Accumate without any help of an expert.


New around here ? Start With the Basics

Can we add multiple Companies ?

Client can add as many companies as possible as they want, but of course it would subject to additional costs.

Can we add multiple Branch ?

In accumate you can manage your branches as well as can get consolidated reports.

Do you have stock bulk upload functionality ?

Yes , One can upload any numbers of stock at one time i.e. bulk upload of stock supporting details of tax percentages and their HSN/SAC codes.

Do you have stock adjusting facility ?

Yes , Stock adjusting facility is provided through a stock journal wherein you can scrap inventory and adjust the physical and recorded inventory. It also proves to be a supportive warehouse transfer.

Do you have negative cash details ?

Yes. We provide detailed negative cash summary as per date-wise cash balances, displaying deficit or surplus cash as on a particular date .

Do you have stock price list ?

Yes, we have the stock price list that includes the purchase and sales price list of all stock items along with stock name and rates.

Do you have SMS notification enabled ?

Yes, we have enabled SMS notification, which alerts to all voucher entries.

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