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The accounting data in Accumate are organized on the cloud, thereby helping to access data anytime and anywhere with absolute ease. It frees the business from having to install and maintain software on particular computers.

GST Compliant

With Accumate ERP, get latest GST reports within a few seconds. Using it can simplify the flexibility of importing data for returns from billing and will deliver a fast and reliable outcome.

Detailed Inventory Management

Keep tabs on your inventory in real time to keep your business up to date. It is an easy and reliable tool to access your reports and manage expenses in a rather comprehensive manner.

Financial Reports

Accumate ERP will facilitate to get access to financial reports such as Profit and loss statement, balance sheet and trial balance sheet. It is well-designed to perform financial and accounting tasks.


Accumate can come handy for small, large and global companies. Since it combines the power of a test-proven and robust ERP solution with tools; manufacturers can manage their accounts with ease.

Eway Bill

You can easily create Eway bill and upload it through Accumate without any help of an expert. Using Accumate will indeed simplify the process of generating Eway bill in a conclusive manner.


ITR For Salaried Employees

For Salaried employees, salary is the main source of income, however, at times a lot tends to go into filling income tax returns and that is purely because one deals with the involution of income tax without the help of the experts.

Accounting Services

A professional can indeed help manage your accounts in the most organized manner. When it comes to accounting, top-notch accounting professionals are highly required.
We have skills, experience, expertise to deal with convoluted business accounts.


We are Eracal Software Pvt Ltd. Our innovative business and technological solutions and inventions have greatly proved to be instrumental in our client’s business growth and credible brand image.

Looking For The Best Cloud-Based Accounting Software Solution?


Your search ends with Accumate ERP! Having a highly efficient and reliable accounting tool will allow you to persistently stay connected to your data quite effortlessly. The fact is; it is scalable, cost-effective and easy to operate, thus, availing Accumate will help you get the finest delivery. Rest assured, it will live up to your expectation like no other.

Responsibility Of Corporate

Accumate offers world class security. Using this amazingly effective GST billing and cloud-based accounting software will minimize the risk of manual errors and would dole out results way faster than you think. What’s more, this aids to customize your accounting solution so that you can access to your invoices, sales, and update expenses all in one place.

Increase in montly
Market down yealry


The benefit of cloud-based accounting system is they keep your finances organized and allow every spectrum of your business to update expenses and find invoices.

Fast, Credible & Accurate

When it comes to financial information storage; a safe and secure tool becomes increasingly pertinent. Accumate is an all-inclusive accounting software that will help achieve a fast and accurate result at the earliest.

View Real-Time Data

With Accumate, you can get connected to your business bank accounts and track inventory, sales and expenses regularly on a real-time basis.

Access Financial Data Anytime

By using Accumate, you can check on your company’s financial data from anywhere you want. In fact a mobile device will also get you through this easily.


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